Who We Are

GoLearn.io is a group of experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and industry experts with specific expertise in helping companies to increase revenue, profit, and time significantly! We're led by our founder & CEO, Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, who has already founded & grown three businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figures, hired and managed hundreds of employees, and raised millions of dollars for service, tech, and SaaS businesses, all by the age of 32.
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Why GoLearn?

GoLearn is a place where entrepreneurs, business owners, and their team, come to unlock their greatest ideas and achieve higher performance in their business, and often as an individual.
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What We Do

We Make Sure You Crush It and Achieve Your Most Important Objectives

  • Mentorship Programs - From Product/Service Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, and Legal. We help you squash the problems you have and move towards your goals.

  • On Demand & Online Business Programs and Courses - These are exact step by step roadmaps build for you to skip the mistakes most businesses make and get the growth you want.

  • Group Coaching and Consulting - Some of our client's favourite aspect is our incredible group coaching sessions we put on 2-3 times per week

  • One-On-One Advisory and Coaching - When you are stuck on something we don't let you stay there long. We give you the direct help you need as quickly as possible.

  • Connections, Community Building and Network Building For Business Owners - Tap into our network of advisors, investors, and industry professionals... and their networks too!

How it works

  • Get Exact Roadmaps

    We give you the tried and tested roadmaps to get results FAST. Use these proven methods to start, grow and scale your business. Start executing them in your business day one!

  • Explode Your Message

    Make your messaging hit home with your target clients and get more of your favourite customers to grow your business fast.

  • Get Funding

    Achieve your financial goals and drive growth by driving revenue and/or connect with our funding resources and partners to get access to capital to grow your business.

Where We Operate

Online | Globally

Our clients span globally with a strong focus in North America. Most of our team is located in Canada, The United States and Mexico.
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Startup Program - Testimonial

Roman from Real Property Leasing - Startup

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Growth Program - Established Companies - Testimonial

Sean Kozak from Neurostreet Trading Academy

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Scale Program - Testimonial

Nikolai from Opencare

This Is For Entrepreneurs and Teams Who:

With Specific Programs For Startups, Growth, and Scaling

  • Spend a lot of time putting out fires.

    Most Business owners spend a huge portion of their time putting out fires, AKA dealing with random issues or requests. It's an incredible time-drain, not to mention frustrating! While you will never completely eliminate these random situations, that doesn't mean they can't be minimized! In fact, the owners we work with report regaining anywhere from 20% - 80% of their time back, which was previously spent dealing with random issues.

  • Are earning revenue, but not enough profit!

    Many businesses (especially service companies) suffer from low margins, despite earning modest levels of revenue. All that hard work and not much to show for it in terms of profit... The good news is that this is actually a good problem to have - as long as you know how to get past it! Frankly, it means you're one hurdle away from having more time & income. If this is a problem, we'll work through various financial models to pinpoint the key issues, suggest & collaborate to find a solution you like, then help with seamless implementation. If this is you, get excited, because you're very close!

  • Need to further adapt their business for a post-pandemic world.

    It's no secret that almost every industry has experienced a huge change in day-to-day operations due to COVID-19. One that has added a TON of stress for most owners. Consumer behaviours have shifted, supply chains have been stressed, online spending has drastically accelerated, etc... By now, most companies have reacted to these changes, but few have actually pivoted in a way that benefits from the new environment (despite many thinking they have). Right now, we're helping even the hardest-hit companies to not only survive but become stronger and more profitable than ever via our Pivot Project. After all "in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity" - Albert Einstein.

  • Are working IN the business, but not ON the business.

    Find yourself getting caught up in the day-to-day execution of your business, while strategic thinking falls by the wayside? In other words, are you working IN your business vs. ON your business? As an owner, it's easy to fall into this pattern of working IN. Especially if there always seems to be a fire to put out or something that needs your special touch. However, it's the work ON your business that will actually change your trajectory and drive your business forward. So unless you've already reached your end-goal, working ON your business is a must!!! That's why part of our approach is delivering delegation & time-management strategies/tools, which optimize your ON vs. IN ratio. Think about it... Do you ever see the coach of a sports team actually on the field executing? Or are they on the sidelines guiding their team to the bigger picture/plan?

  • Don't have a clear path for growth

    What will take your business to the next is not always crystal clear. In fact, it can make even the brightest entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed & apprehensive. With that said, almost every business will hit these growing pains at some point, and how you address them will be the cornerstone of shape you company's future. Our team of experienced mentors & advisors use proven strategic frameworks, financial models, & process maps to systematically diagnose the specifics of your growth woes. Then, we use the outputs of this methodical framework (that's worked for so many other entrepreneurs before you) to develop & fine-tune a precise system for jump-starting immediate growth & maximizing long-term growth.

  • Understand the power of mentorship and a advisory network.

    From Elon Musk to Steve Jobs, successful entrepreneurs know that smart people surround themselves with other smart people. Preferably those whos' strengths are a bit different, so you can really learn from their complimentary wisdom. Do you have a network of advisors whos skillset bridges the gaps in yours? We help our clients connect with a complimentary network of advisors & mentors; from CEOs, to industry experts, to investors. Not just to elevate your business, but to also to help you become the best entrepreneurial version of yourself! Sure, this different approach takes manual work on our end, along with a deep understanding of your core challenges. That also means we can only help a handful of clients at a time... BUT, we find this approach leads to much higher levels of success, compared to the cookie cutter solutions that most online coaches & consultants offer. If a cookie cutter solution doesn't cut it for you, our approach just might be a better fit!

  • Feel like they are at a dead end in their business

    The truth is, a lot of business owners feel like they are running on a hamster wheel or at a dead end. This feeling is like cancer for your business, which slowly eats away at your motivation, energy, and likelihood of reaching your end-goal. For this reason, our support doesn't just include re-routing your business when it hits a roadblock but also helps you instill mental strategies that can re-route your mind when you hit these walls. That way, you can quickly get off the hamster wheel and make real strides towards your vision.

  • Need to build a great team

    Finding, attracting, retaining & motivating great employees is as difficult as it is important - especially these days. It's also the #1 headache generator for owners. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs aren't experts in HR or psychology, so this tends to be a HUGE learning hurdle. One that can leave your business dead in the water if not overcome. It only takes a couple of wrong hires or improper systems to drive your turnover rate higher, spur significant losses, and be a huge time drain. To help business owners quickly improve their HR acumen, our approach outlines key pitfalls, effective strategies to attract the best talents (for a fair price), and gives you the tools to manage/motivate even the toughest of personalities, step-by-step. Schedule a strategy call if you would like to discuss your HR challenges in more detail.

  • Are sick and tired of seeing ads and not knowing who to trust

    shWith loads of people claiming to offer help, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right one for you. Especially if you aren't able to ask specific questions, relative to your business, problems, & goals. That's why we take the guess-work out. Not only do we offer a money-back guarantee, but we also require a 1-on-1 call before accepting any client, so that both parties can ask question to determine if its the right fit.

What If Your Best Ideas Came To Life?

Wherever you are on your journey:

1.  Unlock your best ideas.

2. Iterate and nail your offer.

3. Refine a message that resonates.

4. Install successful systems for growth.

5. Determine the scaling method and inputs required.

Already Operational?

1.  Systemize, automate and delegate for growth.

2.  Build your dream team.

3.  Calculate scalable unit economics.

4.  Scale.

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