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    Your Power Play

    • Build (Or re-think) Your Sales Strategy

    • Exercise: Sales Strategy & Script Generator

    • Exercise: Marketing and Sales Strategy

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  • What is a "Power Play"?

    A: A Power Play is a quick, hyper-focused and powerful action or series of actions, exercises and tasks that can help your business or organization shift into your most powerful position. Whether you found this or an advisor prescribed it, a Power Play can help bolt-on new ideas or processes to your business to make you stronger.

  • How do I use a Power Play?

    A: Simply watch the video to get a high-level overview and the reason behind it. Then go through the exercises if applicable. Once you've done the exercise(s) you can start bringing it to people in your organization and implementing it.

  • How do you know a Power Play works?

    A: Power Plays are all derived from things that we have done so we are speaking from experience. We've seen this work and although each business is different there's a good chance it will help yours. That being said you ultimately know your business best and you must exercise your best judgement when executing any Power Plays. *Although we attempt to give the best advice possible, each business case is different there are no guarantees that this Power Play will work for you. These are meant to be helpful but they do not replace the advice of a proven advisor or consultant. Please speak to us about our Advisory Packages.