Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

Learn the basics of starting your own business in less time then the average movie.

Start your business now... but skip the mistakes many have made.

Learn from a three-time entrepreneur having built 3 businesses, coached countless CEO's, trained 1000's of staff and his brands have produced 10's of millions in revenue. You will get crystal clear on what you need to grow.

  • Simplify the things you do to alleviate stress and get more done in less time

  • Discover what has been holding you back from achieving your full growth potential

  • Build your growth plan (and execute on it)

  • Get the tools you need to make more money (and spend it more effectively)

  • Learn real world lessons that you won't learn in school

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Overview & About Your Instructor

    • How to use this course

  • 02

    The Seven Critical Components For Growth

    • Start - The Problem & Seven Critical Components For Growth

    • Exercise: Knowing The Opportunity Size

  • 03

    The Mullah, Dough, Dollar Bills $$

    • Analyzing & Modifying Your Business and Financial Model For Success

  • 04

    Your Audience & Their Journey

    • Audience Targeting and The Customer Creation Journey

  • 05

    Your Message and Story

    • Creating a Strong Message Tied To Your Story

  • 06

    Your Call-To-Action & Flow

    • The Call-To-Action & What You Want People To DO

  • 07

    Your Dream Team

    • When To Build A Team & Building Your Dream Team

  • 08

    Your Plan

    • What You Need To Create And Execute An Effective Plan

    • Your Vision

  • 09

    Issues and Headaches

    • When $h*t Hits The Fan, Headaches and Problem People

  • 10


    • Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Your Ideas Matter

And so does your sanity

Starting and running a business can drive you insane if you let it. It can affect the people around you negatively and can cause you stress and challenge your mental health. As an entrepreneur, you have such an important role in the world. You can impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of people with your products and services. You aren't alone though. Join the community of other entrepreneurs like you and learn from the best.

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We guarantee that after taking this course you will get at least 10X your value from this or your money back.

People Say The Nicest Things!

“I've had the good fortune to work with Josh on a number of occasions. His business acumen, integrity, work ethic and intellect make him someone you not only respect, but someone to model. I look forward to working with Josh again on future projects.”

Nick Kozmin

“This is the place for those who are already committed and ready to scale the business to multi-million dollar company. Josh will help you break down your systems, simplify every single procedure and provide you with 100% clarity and steps on what you wish to accomplish. Listen to him carefully because you are about to see significant changes in your business.”

Ping H. - CEO Spotted Properties

“Joshua is an amazing speaker. I was lucky to experience his Sales Workshop at The Forge Incubator Speaker Series. It was my favourite presentation from the last three months of leading weekly entrepreneurship workshops. Thank you so much to Joshua for coming out to McMaster Innovation Park and inspiring our startup teams.”

Mariya L. - The Forge

“Josh is a natural entrepreneur. He espouses customer-centric thinking and always puts his customers first. Josh has repeatedly demonstrated his leadership capabilities, managing a growing business and team nationally. While Josh is decisive and swift to act, he also knows how to listen and reach out to experienced advisers and mentors. ”

Jonathan B.

“I had the privilege of working for Joshua for a number of years. When it comes to management, Joshua is a rare breed. He is bright and persuasive, but he is also a class act both personally and professionally. He fully gets behind what he believes in, but won't push something if he knows it's not in someone's best interest. His work ethic, interpersonal communication skills and ability to lead are outstanding. Joshua is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious, makes it fun to learn, and easy to remember. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing people together. Joshua is a dedicated, ambitious and natural leader. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from him.”

Kassie B - Sales/Recruiter

“Joshua is an incredible kind of person. I had the pleasure of learning sales and interpersonal communication skills from Josh during my time in a direct sales industry. His ability to find that perfect way to get through to each and every person he deals with is second to none and his customer service was always superb. I can easily credit a lot of my success to the skills I learned from Josh and I know that he is be a true titan of any industry he should set his sights on.”

Jordan C. - Corporate Manager

“I owe a lot to Josh as he is the main reason I found my passion in Sales. When I first got started in sales I did not know the first thing and had a negative outlook on what a Sales Person was. Working with Josh that quickly changed as he taught me the fundamentals in order to succeed in any sales industry. Josh is a great Mentor, Leader, and successful in everything he does!”

Trevor F. - Sales Leader

“Joshua has that special ability to lead, motivate, and build productive team culture all at once. More importantly perhaps, he is a high character person that cares about others. He's the type of guy you can trust and rely on when he gives you his word. In addition to these positive qualities, anyone that has worked for him will tell you how contagious his entrepreneurial drive is. Working for Josh the years I did is an experience I will always value!”

Josh Kennedy

Brands Josh Has Worked With

Josh has Built, Consulted, Served and Partnered With Impressive Brands Such As...

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  • Canadian Property Stars Logo
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Josh's Customer's Include

Josh's Brands Have Served Organizations Such As...

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Entrepreneurship Excellence

Joshua is a multi-preneuer who has successfully started two multi-million dollar+ businesses between the ages of 18-33 with GoLearn as his third vision. He also has helped run and consulted $15-$100 million dollar businesses. As an entrepreneur, CEO, consultant and speaker his goal is to bring learning to the world around productivity, health and the relationships in our lives. Tune in to catch Josh's lessons for startups and business owners looking to grow their business!

Josh Lombardo-Bottema


Joshua's Journey

See the story behind your coach

The Beginning 

I started in sales at the young age of 16 all because I finally got a girlfriend and I wanted to buy her something nice for her birthday!  Little did I know that would lead me to a cash cow of a skill set that would serve me for years to come and allow me to start and grow multiple million-dollar companies.  

It all started with a door to door sales job selling lawn services and driveway sealing.  This is where I learned how to:

  • Develop advanced sales scripts
  • How to talk to anyone
  • Overcome objections and stall tactics
  • The numbers behind a great sales strategy
  • How to win by creating relationships.  
  • The list goes on...

After quickly rising to the top and becoming a top 1% performer I then started an 80 person sales company and trained 1000's of staff over the years.  There's me with my team ->  

Our team was FULL of energy, pumped up and high performing... and doing DOOR-TO-DOOR sales!

I grew that company so fast though that it got really hard to manage with the little management experience I had.  That's when I decided it was time to invest in my management and leadership skills.  I set a goal of taking 1-2 professional courses per year, attending at least 2 events/seminars per year and reading 20-50 books per year on sales, marketing, business, psychology, leadership, management, finance and more.  That was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Selling My First Company And Moving to Vancouver

By the time I was 24 I had been running that business for eight years and I wanted a new challenge so I sold my first company to Canadian Property Stars, run by a great mentor of mine Ben Stewart.  I took up the role of National Sales Director and moved to Vancouver B.C to run their location there.  

When I got to B.C I had to fit into a new area, build a management team and then build a sales team.  But that view though...

I got my management team going and we packed rooms with students and people hungry to make money and I gave them everything I had for training...and make money they did!

In the first 9 months we got 40% growth from a stagnant location that had been declining for years.  I also created 40+ high-level alumni salespeople while I was there who travelled on road trips to serve new areas and many of them still remain with the company or in a high-level sales role to this day.

50 Waterguns = Increased Sales

Aside from constantly delivering value, I did whatever I could to get staff motivated and HAPPY and that included things like going to Walmart and buying 50+ water guns and sending staff a picture that I'm coming to get them! 

Running around mountains all day gets you in pretty good shape so one time I told the team if they hit their fitness AND sales goals for the month I would bring in my model friends for whoever wanted pics.  I would pull anything out to motivate my staff! lol.  Not everyone hit their fitness goals but you should have seen where some of them started! 

Look how happy Orlando was! 

It never ceased to amaze me the power of happiness and fun to increase performance and retention!

Then I Started My Second Business

Enter, my second company; GoWrench Auto.  "The Uber of Mechanics" 

I had this idea kicking around that going to a mechanic shop was inconvenient and lacked trust and transparency.  On top of that, I had previously had a disagreement with my mechanic at the time who took care of my 10 vehicles for my company.  So I decided to do something about it.  I started it up and apparently people liked it.  I started using those sales skills to get picked up by the press.  I remember the first time we got put in the newspaper, my first radio interview, first news feature and of course published online.  

There were even magazines getting creative and recreating movie covers ->

It was all amazing to kick start a business and get a little traction but we were going to need more knowledge and funding so I set my eyes on business accelerators next!

Knowledge Is Power

Our journey started at Innovation Factory and The Forge Acclerator, McMaster University's Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA)

I even brought my dog to work a few times ;)

We started getting mentoring and then pitching to investors and in countless pitch contests.  One led us to pitch on live TV and later present in front of 500+ people.

We even won a few good ones too like this $40,000 award (that I totally wasn't expecting)!

I had always wanted to meet a Dragon from Dragon's Den so when I heard that David Chilton "The Wealthy Barber" would be speaking live at a venue near me I had to go.  

After the event, he was signing books and I knew I had a small window of opportunity to grab his attention and interest.  I walked up to him and said: "Hi David I'm a big fan, can I pitch you my business in under 9 seconds?" (Permission marketing works) He said, "It better be 9 seconds".  To which I responded "GoWrench Auto is the Uber of Mechanics, bringing auto repairs and more right to your door.  Hundreds of customers and raving reviews so far and all I want is your email or number to get your advice... oh and we want a photo!  He laughed thought for a second and then gave me his contact info before posing for this photo. 

(He preferred to be in between the girls instead of us guys and I don't blame him lol)  We would go on to have many "I can only talk for five minute" meetings that turned into 45-60 minutes and some incredibly valuable advice.  That is the true definition of why a good elevator pitch is so important.

We finally got our investors on board and raised $500,000 to grow the business.  Here's the team receiving one of the first cheques...

We really started picking up steam and got accepted into the DMZ Playbook Program, one of Ryerson University's top accelerator programs and it blew my mind.

Once we started getting more and more traction I kept getting asked to help other entrepreneurs, startups and speak at events.  They started small and continue to get bigger and bigger.

Now, aside from running GoWrench I had to figure out a way to help as many entrepreneurs and business owners as possible which is why I founded GoLearn.io, my third company. 

GoLearn is an Online Academy, Event Series, and The GoLearn Institute is tackling some of the most pressing issues in our world today.  Our primary focus is to tackle the Climate Crisis, however recent events with Covid-19 have us focusing on helping businesses adapt to the changing economic conditions.

To date, all of my biggest clients I have gotten strictly from word-of-mouth and they take up the majority of my time, so I needed to scale the lessons I've learnt to other business owners and startup founders so they can learn from the mistakes I've made along the way.  Hence why I host courses like this to give some bite-sized knowledge from my experience in a scalable way.  If you are looking for more a more customized experience then please apply to work with us in our small groups or one-on-one.

So, with that said, I am here to help.  Let's get going!