Our Vision

"Humanity in harmony with our planet resulting in happy people and a healthy planet."

**UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we are focusing our efforts on helping small businesses with business continuity, pivoting their operations online and getting through this turbulent time.  We are working with the government wherever possible and businesses to do our part in an attempt to bounce our economy back faster.  While we help business owners and their teams through this trying time we always have sustainability and the environment front of mind.**

Despite being the most intelligent species on earth, we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. Life on earth is in crisis, and we humans, are the source of the devastation to our planet, destroying it through our contribution to climate change. If we do not confront the real and dangerous impact of human-induced climate change, then we are leaving the next generation, our children, with a failing, dirty planet. We have a tremendous ability — and responsibility — to shape what the world will look like, not just for ourselves but for all future generations. I'm challenging the geniuses, doers, makers and shakers out there to band together to overcome the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.The best minds in the world have concluded that we have 15-20 years before we do IRREPARABLE harm to our planet. (read: "the point of no return") which inevitably will take away our safety, security and make it difficult to potentially acquire even basic human needs such as food and water. Everyone you love and care about will be affected. We must act. And I have a plan.

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Our Mission

"To spread and accelerate great ideas and great knowledge"

In order to achieve what we need to achieve, learning must be innovated in a way that the individual can lift themselves to achieve their greatest self.  When the individual has what they need they are able to function at a higher level and achieve more than they ever imagined.  So we start with the individual and help them learn better than ever.  Then we bring those individuals together towards a common purpose within projects and programs in order to achieve our vision of humanity in harmony with our planet, and each other.  We do this with three mandates within GoLearn.  The Academy, Events, and The Institute. 

The Academy is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who have the leverage (or the possibility) to positively impact many people and the planet.  

GoLearn *Online* Growth Events is to bring together like minded people in an immersive way that uplifts, educates and inspires.

The Institute is to accelerate the innovations and ideas that can make an impact on our battle against the climate crisis.  We are focusing our efforts on the 17 Sustainability Development Goals which you can find on our Institute Page **We are also helping businesses adapt to the economic fallout of COVID-19**

Our Team

Each person on our team comes from a diverse background of experience and has an integral role in our vision of creating happy people and a healthy planet using entrepreneurship and best business practices.  We've brought together a stellar team of coaches, authors, speakers, executives, entrepreneurs and investors to help you achieve your utmost potential all while contributing to a healthy and sustainable planet.

Joshua Lombardo-Bottema

Founder & CEO

From a young age Joshua had a passion for helping people, the environment and business. He started in business at the age of 18 with a property beautification company that he built to 20,000 customers. After selling that company he founded GoWrench. Called "The Uber of Mechanics" they continue to innovate the exciting automotive space. With GoLearn as his third company and newest invention he aims to create happy people and a healthy planet by uplifting people as well as spreading and accelerating great knowledge and ideas for the planet. Tune into Josh's courses on Entrepreneurship to take your ideas and business to the next level.

Doug Murphy

VP of Marketing

Doug's life-long passion for growing businesses, along with his rare combination of entrepreneurial, educational, & corporate experiences result in his very unique ability to grow brands at hyper-speed, in almost any industry/environment. Doug brings his speciality of Facebook and Instagram marketing to
A photo of Doug Murphy l

Jenna McNamara

Success Strategist and VP of Sales

As a Success Strategist, Jenna is constantly on the phone with new prospects and clients to determine their most effective course of action, the next steps required to allow them to achieve their most ambitious outcome, and how to qualify for one of GoLearn.io's sought after coaching and consulting programs. Jenna is also a passionate fitness coach and a previous physique competitor!
A photo of Jenna McNamara

Lindsay Adamson

Success Strategist

Lindsay Adamson is no regular gal! Lindsay is a very experienced and high-level coach / Success Strategist. She works with potential new clients to uncover their best course of action to achieve their highest outcome and which GoLearn.io programs will get them there fastest! On her off days she is a successful musician with over 400,000 streams of her hit country songs so far!
A beautiful professional photo of Lindsay Adamson smiling

David Cameron MBA, CMA, CCE.

Chief Financial Officer

David graduated from Western University with Honors Mathematics and Computer Science and obtained his MBA at McMaster University. David is a CPA, CMA and attended the Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management at Dartmouth resulting in his Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation. He also obtained his CPB and holds the Osgoode Certificate in Pension Law.

Jay Rosenblatt LL.B, LAW

Legal and Business Advisor

Jay's special focus is counselling business owners, directors, senior management, and consultants on legal risk management: identifying, managing, and mitigating those risks, especially related to emergency preparedness and business continuity; special emphasis is on supply chain and human resource issues. Jay has also been a speaker at business continuity/emergency preparedness conferences including guest lecturer, MIT's short course on crisis management and business continuity, WCDM, DRJ, FEMA/Homeland Security Annual Training Conference. Jay has also created useful tools like a legal risk assessment matrix and legal risk assessment worksheet.
A photo of Jay Rosenblatt

Linda Lombardo

Bookkeeping and Payroll Advisor

With over 25 years in bookkeeping and payroll experience Linda ensures every penny is accounted for and correctly documented and reported on. Linda shares the passion of Happy People and a Healthy Planet as she herself has beat cancer through a healthy lifestyle and is an avid greenthumb. When she isn't handling the books you can find her in the garden!

Our Advisors

Experienced Advisors in many different areas who's expertise has been infused into our programs and personalized coaching calls

Arthur Smolarkewicz MBA, CPA, CMA.

COO Advisor, Management Consultant, Mindset Coach

Arthur is passionate about coaching people to achieve their utmost potential. He also has experience helping businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public sector. With 20 years of practice including business ownership and Chief Operating Officer experience, he truly understands the challenges facing businesses in today’s economy. Arthur is recognized for his expertise in strategy and management. Arthur graduated from the MBA program with highest distinction and obtained a CPA, CMA designation. He is a fervent advocate for health and fitness and represented Canada four times on its National Karate team. He is fluent in English and has adequate proficiency in Polish. Tune in to catch Arthur's "Limitless" courses!

David Quinn

C Level Coach and Advisor

David boasts over 40 years of experience in various Vice President roles in Strategy, Sales and Marketing. Most recently working as an advisor and consultant with Business Development Bank of Canada. He is a seasoned expert when it comes to E-Commerce Strategies, Growth Marketing, Strategic Planning and Sales & Business Development Training.
A photo of Jay Rosenblatt

Rick McLaughlin

Creative Director & Senior Marketing Advisor

Rick is a Creative Director + Marketing Strategist who has worked on both traditional and integrated marketing programs for a range of industries including; automotive, package goods, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceutical, financial institutions, media, software & technology, startups and venture capitalists. He has held numerous senior roles as a creative director, managing director, strategist, designer, marketer, teacher, public speaker and as a key member of various executive teams.
A photo of Rick McLaughlin

Nick Pollice

Advisory Board - HR and Conflict Resolution Advisor

Nick has been working full time as an international consultant and conflict resolution practitioner since 1989 when he founded the Pollice Management Consulting Group, a full service consulting, facilitation and conflict management organization. A professional consultant, presenter and facilitator since 1986, Nick has a busy practice that practically and realistically has assisted over ten thousand employees, from public and private sector North American organizations in the art of operations management, conflict resolution, mediation, emotional intelligence and negotiation.
A photo of Jay Rosenblatt

Dr. Daiana Duca, Ph.D.

Chief Science Advisor - Environmental Scientist

Daiana is passionate about research and developing scientifically defensible solutions to environmental and human health challenges. Her interests are diverse-but a few include: cell and molecular biology, plant science, ecology, toxicology, environmental risk assessment and environmental remediation (phytoremediation). Daiana is the GoLearn Institute's Scientific Advisor.

Melanie Sodka MBA, HRM

Human Resources and Business Advisor, Creator of Capacity Creator

Melanie Sodka is a educator, trainer, speaker and coach. She has taught at prestigious institutes like Mohawk College and Niagara College business programs, she has spoken at Tedx, trained thousands of people with her corporate programs, and now helps people build more capacity for the things that bring them fulfillment as the "Capacity Creator". Tune into Melanie's Capacity Creation courses to create more time for the things that matter most to you!

Natalia Juarez, BEd

Curriculum Advisor and Relationships Advisor

Natalia comes from a background of teaching and holistic health. Aside from building comprehensive curriculums and innovating the way people learn, she took her education background paired with her own personal heartbreak and created Lovistics and BetterBreakups, helping people get past heartbreak faster and healthier. Having appeared on news centers like Good Morning America, CTV and 100's of different news sites she continues to innovate the way people handle their relationships. Tune in to catch Natalia's courses on "BetterBreakups" and "BetterDating"!

Sean Everingham MBA

Business and Health Advisor & Events Manager

Sean is passionate about health, fitness and business! Not only is Sean a successful entrepreneur, trainer and coach, he has put on over 150 events with his company Ultimate Fitness Events boasting hundreds of thousands of attendees as well as fitness competitors all around the world. Tune in to Sean's courses on health and fitness to take your health to the next level.

Tegiola Xhemalaj, M.Eng, EIT

Chief Engineering Advisor

Tegiola is passionate about sustainable community infrastructure projects and the vision of a healthy planet. She works with Architects/Engineers to resolve design/construction issues and implement enhancements that help her projects reach the end goal of sustainability paired with functionality and beauty.

Colin Gagich

Prototyping and Engineering Advisor

Colin did his education at McMaster University for Mechatronics Engineering and Management and is currently President of Ceng Technologies Inc. His focus on engineering prototyping and development has allowed him to develop groundbreaking technologies deployed worldwide.
A photo of Colin Gagich

Brian Lenahan

Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Author, CEO, & AI Leadership Strategist. Transitioning from an Executive role in Financial Services (where strategy & innovation were the two consistent threads for over 20 years) to being a speaker, consultant and mentor in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Acting as a stakeholder in Big Data projects, developing conversational platforms, and researching customized AI strategies for clients form part of his efforts. More recently, he has developed training workshops for business groups, and authored a new book called "Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants", the first in a series of AI Foundations books. Having connected with some of the leading participants in this field, he is excited about the opportunity to add his experience, academic credentials (MIT) and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and proprietary speed methodology to drive advances into the future to help enterprises keep pace with the exponential/hyper-speed of advances.
Brian Lenahan Artificial Intelligence Author, Speaker and Advisor

Karen Keeling

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Karen works closely with business owners, and their key leaders, as their risk manager. This allows her to build a comprehensive, customized insurance and risk management profile based on their specific business needs. Karen specializes in providing commercial insurance services to the Non-Profit, Corporate, Realty, Manufacturing and Distribution industries. Her experience and education working with clients within these segments have provided her with the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge in specialty coverages such as D & O, E & O, Environmental, Cyber and Cargo. She has access to all major and specialty domestic and international markets ensuring her clients are provided comprehensive programs with competitive pricing and terms.
A photo of Karen Keeling

Steve Kulakowsky

Location Partner & Supporter

Steve is an avid real estate developer and investor. Steve is one of the partners of Core Urban. You can see Steve's beautiful and successful projects in the core of Hamilton. Steve's King James building is the location of the first GoLearn Hamilton Growth Conference!

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If you believe in creating happy people and a healthy planet through education as well as research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship then get involved!