Could Your Idea Change The World?

We think so.

"The world needs bold and innovative ideas to face the challenges we all face as a race." - Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, CEO, GoLearn

What is the GoLearn Institute?

The GoLearn Institute is dedicated to accelerating ideas, technology, science, engineering and innovation to advance humanity while achieving harmony with our planet.

The GoLearn Institute is an incubator for ideas in sustainability 


 The best minds in the world have concluded that we have 15-20 years before we do irreparable and irreversible harm to our planet, potentially setting in motion a spiralling series of events...

These events threaten our safety, security and make it difficult to potentially even acquire basic human care such as food, water and health care.  

Everyone you love, that you care about will be affected.  There is hope though.  We are creative, clever and can come up with ingenious ways to solve the most pressing problems in today's world.

We must act.  And we have a plan.

Update:  We are ramping up our efforts to help all small businesses cope with the changing economic environment caused by the pandemic.

In between helping companies adapt to the economic effects of the pandemic we are working on our Climate Crisis. 

The GoLearn Institute Mission

We accelerate and invest in ideas, innovations and companies that are helping:

  • 1. To reach global peaking of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as soon as possible and to undertake rapid reductions thereafter.

  • 2. To increase the ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change and foster climate resilience.

  • 3. Assist in the retreat, reduction or elimination of negative human impact on the natural ecosystems; and find synergy and sustainability in everyday systems

What If Your Best Ideas Came To Life?

Wherever you are on your journey:

1.  Unlock your best ideas.

2. Iterate and nail your offer.

3. Refine a message that resonates.

4. Install successful systems for growth.

5. Determine the scaling method and inputs required.

Already Operational?

1.  Systemize, automate and delegate for growth.

2.  Build your dream team.

3.  Calculate scalable unit economics.

4.  Scale.

What we do at the Institute

We are here to build happy people, and a happy planet

  • Business Accelerator

    We accelerate great ideas and businesses that fall within our sustainability mandate. We're looking for entrepreneurs who want to innovate industries and tackle our climate crisis.

  • Research and Development

    Our science and engineering advisors help you with innovations, discoveries and findings that can lead to sustainability and our happy people, happy planet mission.

  • Entrepreneur Development

    We help create super Entrepreneurs behind the idea. Our philosophy is to build the people behind the business and ideas.

Idea Incubator and Business Accelerator

Business and Innovation excellence doesn't happen by accident. You need access to great minds, resources and talent to make it happen. If you have a business idea or innovation that the world needs then apply to work with the GoLearn Institute and make it happen.

  • Get expert help with your idea, innovation, or discovery.

  • Retain control of your idea, innovation or discovery

  • Make a positive impact

Join A Research and Development Project

Work on the leading edge of innovation with other like-minded people to make a difference that matters.

  • Find projects that you want to partake in

  • Contribute, communicate and vote on projects

  • Get rewarded for your efforts and results

Entrepreneur Development

If you're an entrepreneur, tap into the power of GoLearn to accelerate your ideas, connections and business.

  • Personal development to become the best version of yourself

  • Get expert training and guidance

  • Tap into a support system

  • Get connected with the right people

Get Involved

If this moves you then work with the community to contribute and make a meaningful difference

Our Methodology

How do you scale multiple organizations while innovating and pushing the limits on sustainable solutions? Achieving excellence in the main divisions of an organization.

Business Stage

We constantly help businesses in one of the five steps of growth.

1. Ideation

2.  Validation

3.  Startup/Launch

4.  Growth

5.  Scale

Primary Divisions and Functions

Next we dig into the eight primary divisions of your organization:

1.  The Problem -> Solution

First, understand the problem you are trying to solve, in depth, and who it affects so you can tailor your products and services while consistently optimizing it.

2.  Sales

Initiate a world class sales strategy in order to get your revenue flowing.  Combine psychology, communication, connection and good ol fashion hustle to kick start your efforts and understand your clients 10x better then ever.

3.  Marketing 

Use the latest and greatest marketing technology and methodologies to raise awareness of your solution and bring in qualified prospects, leads and conversions.  Use flywheel and funnel methodologies with great copywriting and user experience.

4.  Finance

Money makes things flow easier and faster but you need to understand how it flows through your organization and optimize your spend for your objectives and growth.

5.  Operations

Eventually, your systems will break, you will grow, and it won't work like you thought it would.  Learn how to think differently, organize your process flows and optimize how your organization works to get as much done as possible while building the culture you want.

6.  Technology

There's the technology you create as your value offering and there's technology you use to facilitate your business operations and organization.  Understanding what you need to buy vs build and how technology can change your organization for the better (or worse) is critical.

7.  Human Resources

How do you build a team, create a winning culture, and stay within regulations without blowing your bank account?  How does information flow through the people in your organization, what do they talk about & feel, and how do attract and retain more of your best staff?  Think through and roll out the best practices in the HR world and your people will never want to leave.

8.  Legal

Aside from the legal setup of the organization, how can you utilize legal know-how to create winning contracts and agreements with partners, affiliates, customers?  Can you find a unique agreement that gives you a competitive advantage?

The Three P's Of Small Businesses Growing Up

a)  People

Get the best customers, staff and partners to grow your organization and achieve your mission.

b)  Processes

What processes can you design to make the business easier to run and give you a competitive advantage?  What can you automate to take off your people's plate.

c)  Paperwork

The last thing you need it trouble from a governing body.  How can your organize yourself and the organization to stay compliant and track the data that matters most?

World Class Strategies

There's always more than one way to roll out a new strategy and it's not always black and white.  Run ideas through our Think Tank in order to find the best strategies to roll out.

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